For Doctors:

Hygiene Elevation for Doctor Clients

Elevate your hygiene department while increasing an optimal standard of patient care. Services include increasing clinical standards of practice, doctor/hygiene calibration, interoffice/team communication, patient case acceptance, patient satisfaction and patient referrals. Create confidence-based teams who are driven to support each other into escalating your practice into highly productive and efficient force multipliers.

For Hygienists:

Hygiene Elevation for Hygienists in Leadership Positions

Coaching and elevation services for dental hygienists who are leaders in their practices (or are looking to be directors, team leaders, coaches, etc.). Learn how to implement measurable processes, guidelines, protocols, systems, products, and technology to significantly increase hygiene production, patient case acceptance, patient satisfaction, and referrals. This is a “train the trainer” program resulting in developing lead hygienists and corporate directors into clinical hygiene experts
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Services and Workshops Offered: 

  • Professional Continuing Education Courses
  • Dental Hygiene Clinical Coaching and Developing
  • Doctor/Hygiene Clinical Calibration Optimization
  • Patient Treatment Planning and Case Acceptance Optimization
  • Technology and Product Implementation
  • Employee Selection, Talent and Acquisition
  • Employment Law Compliance
  • Team Building and Goal/Production Workshops
  • Scheduling and Same Day Treatment Optimization
  • Comprehensive Practice Analysis
  • Practice Efficiency Analysis
  • Expanded Coaching and Support Services

Ever think about elevating your hygiene department to the next level?

You are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 70% of our patient population are infected with periodontal disease, which doesn’t even begin to measure those patients we see every day infected with gingivitis. Yet, most providers are only treating periodontal disease about 20% of the time. There seems to be so much confusion and lack of clarity regarding how periodontal disease is measured, let alone treated.

Step Next Consultants bridges the gap, removes ambiguity and provides evidence-based clinical direction for doctors, hygienists and your teams on how to recognize, recommend, treat and maintain your patients for a lifetime. SNC becomes the clinical compass in creating simplified processes in removing the “gray area” that often keeps providers stuck in their comfort zones, while aligning with ADA, AAP and ADHA standards of practice.

Most importantly, your patients will take notice with a comprehensive level of care they are provided which will increase your patient satisfaction, retention and referrals. Undeniably your practice will thrive resulting in increased production and time efficiency. This results in happy doctors, happy hygienists, happy teams and happy patients. Win-Win-Win-Win for all!

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